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Computer Repair

Experienced technicians and guaranteed work, and we come to you.


Computer Repair & Maintenance

Generations ago doctors were servants of the community, known and trusted by all. Their caring service and professionalism, offered at reasonable fees, were often brought home to patients in what were known as "house calls". As the saying goes, house calls came with the territory, and patients expected no less.


Backup, backup, backup

“Oh No!  What happened?” These are words that are too frequently heard.  In the world of computers, it is not a question of “Will my computer crash?”  It is a matter of “When.”  Most people do not backup their data because they think it is a difficult task.  However, PC Doctors of Georgia can show you how to backup effectively and regularly with little effort.  Call us today.

Network Solutions

Complete networking for your computer’s communications.


LAN, WAN, VPN and more...

The technicians at PC Doctors of Georgia are trained and skilled in diagnosing and repairing network issues.  Whether it be a LAN or wireless issue, or if you need a VPN (Virtual Private Network), then call the experts at PC Doctors.

Tech Tip of the Week

Pick up the Phone, and
Not Your Computer!

            Ray Prince (over 25 years experience)

Web Design

Reasonable pricing for a meaningful web presence.


More Than a Web Page

PC Doctors of Georgia believes a site should be more than a web page. . .It should be a web presence.  Our skilled developer will strategically plan a site that meets with your approval.




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